Skits Ayer

Skits is born in 2010 to parents, Luther and Tess Ayer. Six years younger than her brother Dwayne, by middle school, she is known as the “problem child.” Frequently suspended for fighting with classmates, she is eventually removed from the public school system and enrolled in a private institution for children with emotional and behavioral challenges.

While at the academy, Skits is diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder and begins taking medication. To the surprise of her family, her grades improve and her outbursts have subsided. Despite the improved mental health, Skits is known for isolating and being distant from her classmates. When she approaches her parents wanting to return to public school.

During her sophomore year of high school, her parents and brother are in a car accident. Her parents die in the ambulance and Dwayne is left in control of their parent’s estate. Dwayne doesn’t attend the funeral and abandons Skits. Consumed with grief, she slips into old habits. When she is forced to move out of her childhood hope, she quits school and live on the streets.

Nearly starving and living in an abandoned building in Manhattan, she is befriended by a trio of sex workers. The youngest, Lola, helps teach her how to survive on the street. Skits becomes adept at picking the pockets of wealthy businessmen. Despite multiple attempts by local gangs to recruit her, she keeps her independence. Eventually, she is befriended by Sister Muriel, a nun known for helping street walkers. Skits eventually dubs her, “The Saint of the Streets.”

She is kidnapped and attempts to save an unknown girl. Her abilities manifest without her knowing, allowing her to melt her restraints. When she kills the two men holding her, she discovers the girl wasn’t real. When the cops arrest her for murder, she is treated as a ward of the state and sent to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital. Believing herself crazy, she goes without resisting.

During her tenure at Bellevue, she is confronted with hostile doctors and power hungry nurses. On one stint in solitary confinement, she discovers her hands can generate heat. Never meeting a Child of Nostradamus before, she is unsure if it is reality or a figment of her imagination. An attendant delivers a letter from Eleanor P. Valentine asking her to have hope. It also mentions a man coming to save her.

Nearly two years after being admitted, in the middle of the night, she hears a commotion in the hospital. The nurses are attempting to subdue what she believes is a patient. Deciding it a good time to escape, she uses her abilities to melt the lock. She is confronted by her brother attempting to rescue her. He later explains he believed himself responsible for their death because of his powers. Now an outlaw, they both flee to the Outlands where he promises there is an individual that can help her.

Skit remains loyal to the Nighthawk and eventually develops a bond with Alyssa Rahim. She joins the effort at the Battle for Chicago. Once the dust settles, President Twenty-Seven pardons her of all crimes. Having fought her entire life, peace doesn’t sit well with her. Instead of joining the other Nighthawks in Troy, she works for Twenty-Seven in a covert capacity alongside Alyssa. But when the missions turn political and require assassination, Alyssa returns to the Tower. Skits continues until she is captured by the Knights of Winchester and later freed by her niece, Eve Cowan. Feeling a debt of gratitude, she follows Eve and Patches to Scotland to help the war efforts between Caledonia and the British Empire.