Soo Jung Yeong

Born in Seoul, South Korean, little is known about Soo Jung prior to her joining the resistance against the President of the United States. Alongside Needles, she recruited Children of Nostradamus to build an underground army capable of overrunning the government. It is assumed that Needles erased any information about the woman. There are no theories as to why.

Within the resistance, Soo Jung acts as Needles’ right hand, and proves herself valuable in peaceful negotiations with other resistance cells. As a Child of Nostradamus, her abilities allow her to act as a human lie detector. Her senses can pick up the slightest variation of perspiration, eye movement, or one of a thousand micro-expressions. Her gifts are cited as being more effective than any technology. To date, the only person able to confuse her abilities is Alyssa Rahim. 

Despite her passive gifts, she is known as a formidable opponent in combat. She has revealed formal training in Taekwondo, Kumdo, and Korean archery techniques of Gungdo. Assumptions based on her fighting technique suggest military training. Her prowess with short blades and small arms is repeatedly demonstrated when dispatching synthetic soldiers. 

While her past is clouded in mystery, there is copious documentation of her involvement leading up to the Battle for Chicago. Soo Jung is credited as playing a pivotal role in the evacuation of New York City. Body camera footage shows Soo Jung protecting soldiers as mobs of New Yorkers attempt to break the blockade. The media dubbed her the necessary “Angel of Death” based on her ferocity in battle. Multiple soldiers state that Soo Jung saved them from ‘the damned zombies.’

Despite her visibility during the Battle for Chicago, shortly after Soo Jung vanishes from the public eye. She is briefly sighted working along the Interim President of the Free Republic, acting as an aide during negotiations. Security footage surfaces across the globe claiming a woman bearing her resemblance is involved with clandestine international operations. As quickly as footage appears, it is suppressed. Rumors of a WetWorks program based in the Free Republic are whispered throughout the intelligence community. Proof is spotty as best.

Once the Tower is erected in Troy, it opens its doors to Children of Nostradamus worldwide. Soo Jung is spotted on a transport heading to the sanctuary. It is assumed she now permanently resides in the Tower.