I am very happy to say that I.Am.Maine: Stories of Small Town Maine has been very successful by my definition. I’ve managed to stay in Amazon’s Top #100 Regional Memoirs for the Northeast for several weeks now. I’ve sold more copies than originally anticipated and of course I’ve gotten to read more amazing stories about people connecting to their roots.

With success comes the inevitable, “What’s next?”

IMG_2189I posted this photograph to Facebook a few days ago. For me, passing this mailbox on my way to Lakeview always made me chuckle. The mailbox reminded me of myself. A little battered, a little makeshift, but still kicking even if it ain’t so pretty. It reminded me of the people of Maine. Of course, I had to stop and photograph it, because like many things in Maine, the passage of time is none-to-kind. Much like when my parents were kids, the memories that connect me to my youth are all that remains. To document this, I began to frantically capture my childhood before it was reclaimed by the forest to which we pay rent.

While I.Am.Maine gave me a chance to reconnect to my roots and spill the memories that are my foundation, there was always something missing. By exposing my history, people read my words while they walked their own journey to their past. I feel the need to take that another step further, and allow the creativity of actions to speak as loud as my words. I’m pondering my ability to capture on film this sense of loss I feel and if I can express it through more than prose.

Meanwhile, I’m near done editing Suburban Zombie High: The Reunion. I should have that at some point this summer. It’s going well, I’m just polishing the humor and making sure it sits well with readers. Overall, the writing thing is going strong and there should be plenty of being put out there shortly! As always, thanks for the support, it’s truly appreciated.