I saw Suicide Squad this weekend, and while it had major flaws, both in plot and in storytelling, I kept coming back to Batman V. Superman for reference. I had difficulty putting into words why I mostly loathed the direction DC is taking. Supposedly Suicide Squad had focus groups dictate the outcome of the movie and while I’m not sure it helped, it shows DC is attempting to learn. While they struggle to find the universal “it,” NerdWriter1 hits my feelings on the head.

As for Suicide Squad, it may hold a solid C. Maybe? The villains were only half involved in the story. Captain Boomerang could have been deleted and the story wouldn’t have changed. Katana could have been deleted, story would have held up. The military get more screen time than the villains. Joker was “eh” at best. The actual bad guy of the movie started off pretty frightening, then just turns into a typical “destroy the world” mockery of itself. The superheroes of the planet are apparently busy elsewhere. When nifty fight scenes are about to take place, Snyder decides he wants to see how dark he can get it, as if to almost hide the fact stunt people are doing it. Overall, the movie is lazy storytelling and a great idea with almost no effort at the execution level. Save it for video.

Sorry DC, I was rooting for you this time. Maybe third time will be the charm with Wonder Woman?