The Body Shop

While Genesis Division developed synthetic limbs to help wounded combat vets, their installation centers became known as the Body Shop. Seeing the growing possibilities of enhancements, military personnel continued to augmenting their bodies to make themselves more efficient soldiers. The quality of enhancements is based on service and rank.

By 2022, public Body Shops (also known as Chop Shops) started installing stolen or bootlegged parts for the public. These shops focused on smaller augmentation such as ocular implants (enhanced vision and full-spectrum sight) or neural processors (quickened cognitive processes). They are a fringe form of body alterations, similar to tattoos or piercings in the late 21st century. However, due to cost, quality enhancements are seen only amongst the wealthy or the social elite. More costly installations use synthetic skin graphs to hide the alterations.

While these alterations become more common, a growing movement in America decries their existence. Sporting the philosophy, “God Made Organics,” they terrorize Body Shops, and those known to have enhancements. These organizations, thanks to strong lobbying from Genesis Division, are included on the government’s Domestic Terrorist Groups List. 

By the 2030, countries have implemented laws regulating the use of body augmentation. While the Free Republic of America only loosely monitors the military grade enhancements, Canada has deemed enhancements permissible only for quality of life. They ban their military from allowing any grafted enhancements. However, it is rumored that they have been able to unlock and replicate the abilities of Children through the use of technology. It is unknown if this relates to their Body Shops.

Other countries, most notably the British Empire, have deregulated all Body Shop activity. This has created a caste system amongst enhanced individuals. Those with money rely solely on upscale installations of Genesis Division parts, while the lower class accesses budget-friendly third-party enhancements. But the lack of government oversight has created a rise in “enhanced crime.” 

By 2030, the British Empire opened the doors for all their military and police forces to access enhancements befitting their post. These enhancements often rely on military technology, such as entire limb replacement, embedded neural processors, and compartmentalized weapons. Reports of nano-technology have surfaced, suggesting a new wave of enhancements have reached the market. However it is unclear who is installing this level of sophisticated technology.