The British Empire

The Battle of Crécy leave its mark on England. Because of his tenacity, King Edward III claims victory, but when he returns to the throne, he lets his ferocity reshape the kingdom. Creating the Knights of Winchester, he pursues traitors, slaying them without mercy. The monarchy’s reputation transforms into a reign of tyranny.

Conquering Wales, Scotland and Ireland, the United Kingdom becomes a world power, one that all of Europe fears. The monarchy holds their position, amassing a sizable army, but making no direct moves against the European nations.

During WWII, King George VI’s home is bombed, resulting in the death of his wife and children. Enraged, he threatens to destroy not only Germany, but all of Europe. When his daughter Isabelle ascends to the throne, she declares the United Kingdom dead and marks herself the first queen of the British Empire. Relying heavily on the Knights of Winchester, incorporating their technologies into her army.

When her daughter Victoria takes the crown, she vows to continue her mother’s work. But knowing that brute force would leave them weakened, she introduces the technology to the people of her empire. Body Shops become common, to the degree that roughly 70% of Brits have at least one minor modification while 30% have major enhancements. A small population that surrenders their flesh and bone bodies in place of mechanical upgrades. The Queen’s son dies and these same technologies are used to produce clones. British Citizens violently protest his claim to the throne.

Tensions with France reach a boiling point, and the Queen announces a formal declaration of war. Pushing troops onto to European soil, the entire European Union stands against the Empire’s expansion. But trouble breaks out domestically. Refusing to acknowledge Scotlands return to their former name, Caledonia, their protests pave the way for a rebellion. Cutting off The Empire’s access to synthetics, Caledonia demands independence. Denied again, the British Empire erupts in a Civil War.

Despite their penchant for might, the British Empire has allied itself with tech and media firms to create a smokescreen. Their constant campaigns of misinformation make it nearly impossible to discern fact from fiction.