The Outlands

The states known as New England ceased to exist in 1992. At the command of President Joyce, mentalists across the United States are neutralized in their sleep. Capitalizing on country-wide chaos, eco-terrorists invade nuclear power stations in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. All three nuclear reactors are breeched and lead to an explosion destroying surrounding cities. With the reactor buildings destroyed, large amounts of radiation escape into the atmosphere, rendering the surrounding states a “kill zone.”

The government makes no evacuation attempt. Twelve-million citizens of Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and upstate New York are presumed dead. Canada opens its borders for evacuees.

The president declares New England the “Outlands.”

The United States declares the Outlands uninhabitable until 2030. Vegetation returns and claims decaying architecture. Surveillance drones patrol the wasteland and report small populations emerging within its lawless borders. Deemed, “Outlanders,” these tribal communities hide within buildings capable of withstanding radiation poisoning. These groups deemed no threat to the United States government.

With prison systems overwhelmed by the efficiency of synthetic soldiers, the President turns to the Outlands for a solution. Walls are erected on the borders of the Outlands, patrolled by automated sentries. Convicted felons are offered a chance to live out their sentences within the Outlands. Many fight for resources and eventually join the gangs for protection. Conflicts between rivals maintain population control. 

After discovering their immunity to sickness, including radiation poisoning, Children of Nostradamus live in the area formerly known as Downtown Boston. What started as a small contingent of escapees had grown into a sizable community. Government action is taken and the first military strike disperses their numbers. However, a small band of Children remains. The situation remains closely monitored by the Corps.