The Tower

In the wake of the Battle for Chicago, the Nighthawks disband and go their separate ways. Conthan and Dwayne, seeking a secluded life, resurrect Troy, a small city previously occupied by the Children of Nostradamus. As the Church of Nostradamus discovers Children needing refuge, they place them in vacated homes in Troy. The population expands to several hundred.

Wanting to make public reparations for the government’s involvement in decimating Children, Twenty-Seven grants Troy its autonomy within the Free Republic of America. All Synthetics are withdrawn from the Outlands. Genesis Division also offers a public apology promising to do right by Children as part of the company’s new ethos.

Genesis Division CEO Lilian Day and CFO Gretchen approach Conthan and Dwayne with an offer to create a permanent home for Children. In return, it will also house a new research facility that partners with the Children of Nostradamus. As part of the agreement, an ethics board is created composed entirely of Troy Residents. Construction of the Tower begins.

The Tower is a singular structure developed in a low resting valley. Designed to be entirely self-sufficient, it relies on geothermal energy for power. It boasts gardens for air and food, water and waste processing, and state-of-the-art living facilities. The sub-levels are used for research ranging from nano technology to synthetic power development. To address Children with more volatile powers, stasis rooms are utilized until powers can be managed.

Because of their reputation as Nighthawks, both Conthan and Dwayne are tasked with developing a functioning society. Wanting it to be a Utopia, they create a Council to oversee its development. Each resident is assigned a duty fitting their skills and aptitude. To help offer sanctuary and develop and relationship with the Free Republic, “Children Information Centers” are created and stationed in major cities.

Alyssa Rahim eventually moves to the Tower and is asked by the Council to oversee their security protocols. Wanting to develop the next generation of Children, she creates the Sentinel program. What starts as a small program becomes a coveted position within the community. Thanks to the efforts, the Tower sees almost no crime or hostile disputes.

Wanting to offer Children protection, a wall is erected using technology developed by Canadian researchers that generates a nearly indestructible force field surrounding the Facility. Needles serves as their technologies integration specialist. Despite his demands for solitude, he eventually trains residents to help run the Tower’s day-to-day operations.

At last count, the Tower’s population had risen to 706 (including non-powered family members and loved ones.)