Cover Sneak Peak by Amanda KahlThe summer for a teacher is filled with relaxing and attempting to forget the horrors of the last 180 days. This summer was more than action packed as I decided at the end of the school year to buy a new house. There were a lot of factors that go into it, but ultimately, I wanted an office (and a garage.) I have a space I can spend time writing now other than my couch (it should be noted, I’m on my couch as I update this.) But along with this, I’ve been pretty busy with a bunch of writing projects.

Suburban Zombie High: The Reunion is set to be released on August 25th. It wasn’t enough to write it. It had to be edited, then reviewed by a beta reader, edited, and then bound and edited once last time. This book shows off the work of Amanda Kahl, author and illustrator of Age of Night, as the cover artist once again. It didn’t feel real until I saw the cover. To think, not only did I manage the first book, but there’s a sequel? Best part is, the third book is well under way as well!

The other big project I have been working on is called Children of Nostradamus. It’s a novel I’ve written and rewritten several times. Ultimately, I put it in the hands of a beta reader and dear friend who gave me some great feedback. It was back to the drawing boards and now there is a novel in place that sets the stage for a long series of novels to occur. I have several books worth of stories already written for this world and how it came to be. Now it’s time to play the publisher game and begin submitting. It’s a wild world, who knows what the future holds for this project?

Thanks to all those who have been following along with the summer escapades on Facebook and Twitter. It’s been good talking writing, zombies and comic books. If you’re interested in Suburban Zombie High: The Reunion, keep your eyes open, it comes out on Amazon on August 25th!