NEHWA Speaking Panel

Upcoming Author Panel. My biggest upcoming news is that I’m doing a a speaking engagement on Saturday, September 3rd at the Lancaster Public Library with some awesome people. I joined the New England Horror Writers Association about six months ago, and even though I’m not quite on genre with horror, they’ve been a great resource and sounding board for my many questions. I’ll be the rookie on panel and we’ll see if I can remember to speak without frequently saying, “uhmmmm.” Thankfully there will be other authors there to speak up. I’ll also be selling autographed books while I’m there.

Mailing List. I’m working on building my mailing list. I’ll be releasing exclusive content on there. The most notably will be short stories that happen between each of the Suburban Zombie High Series. There are some plot holes I intentionally crafted so I could fill them later. There should be plenty of hilarity. Subscribe on the right hand side. I’ll also be releasing book deals through there. So to stay up to date, submit your email. I should have one going out in a couple of weeks.

Week long Kindle Book Deal. Starting on September 28th, Suburban Zombie High will be available for Kindle for $.99. If you’re interested, download it. I’ve added a sneak peek chapter at the end for Suburban Zombie High: The Reunion for you to check out. I think it should entertain.

Need some Beta Readers! I’m looking for some people to read a novel I’m working on right now. It’s a dystopian future superhero novel. It’s a bit dark, it’s a bit sarcastic, and it’s a lot of action. I need somebody to check it out and get back to me fairly quickly with some notes. If you’re interested shoot me an email.

Suburban Zombie High: The Final Class. It has begun.

I.Am.Maine: Photographs of Small Town Maine. I have begun writing the content that will accompany the photographs. It’s touching doing this project again. I’m excited to see where it goes. It’s a lot of creative writing. It will be available in hardback later in the year and sold through a limited run. I’ll have more information as it gets closer to finishing.