Hi. I’m Jeremy Flagg. People call me Remy (my mom hates this) partly because Remy LeBeau is an amazing member of the X-Men and partly because it sounds classier than being called Jer. I’m known as the sarcastic guy. It’s a mantle I uphold with pride. But this post is less about me the author, and it’s about my fans.

I’m incredibly uncomfortable saying I have fans.

The first time I signed a book for a fan, I signed my name wrong. I shit you not, I forgot my name. I get incredibly anxious when I discuss my fans, because rock stars have fans. Actors have fans. Angry Birds has fans. Me? I have people who read my books and like them. Fans? Right? While this seems like a no-brainer for some, it’s humbling to say somebody other than me enjoys my work. Tonight I received an email stating that somebody used the word “favorite” when discussing my book. Favorite? I think of that word and I think chocolate lava cake…my book is on the same playing field as cake? I’m humbled.

Let me talk about my fans for a few minutes, they’re some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. Geeks. I love you. Selling my books at conventions, my fans are the ones who come to my table dressed as Rorschach from Watchmen one day and show up in their finest Kylo Ren costume the next. My fans are not only a geek, but they wear it with pride. They also know I have duct tape and I’m the first to mend breaking costumes. I wish I remembered to photograph more of their geeky awesomeness.

My fans are parents who have young kids who love to write. I had a young boy stop and talk to me about his “stories.” He told me epic tales of the adventures him and a friend from grade school craft. I believe they were the Adventures of Taco Man, what I believe will someday be a best seller. He spent a solid half hour telling me how he prefers to write than play outside. I listened, because someday I will be standing in line to have him sign my copy.

Tonight I opened my blog to write a post. I thought I’d write about my latest movie lists and I took a moment to check for any emails from fans. I found myself reading.

I am so incredibly humbled by this I found myself blushing. A real person took time from their life to compliment something I created. They felt strongly enough to leave encouragement to move forward. Reviews can be flattering (or devastating) but this was a human reaching out to another human. While I say I often write for myself, truth be told, I am writing for the kid I used to be. I’m writing for that geek who hid in the closet afraid to admit he was passionate about things other people remarked as silly or childish.

I write for this fan.

My fans have a sense of humor. They laugh in an awkward way that makes us all laugh. My fans are fierce masters of their fandoms. My fans get excited when new superhero trailers are leaked online. My fans know random obscure sci-fi books nobody has read before. My fans argue if Alien is a better movie than Aliens. My fans recognize at my core, I am a big kid. My fans. If I say it enough maybe I’ll get comfortable? My fans, they’re the reason I open my computer and write when I’m not in the mood.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, thanks for being a fan. Everything I write is for you.