In my writing group, April was a sprint month in which we attempted to throw down a word count to jump start our new novels. Every year, I participate in NaNoWriMo in which I write an entire novel in 30 days. This was a little less ambitious, but it was a way to force a daily writing routine. It allowed me to try and work out some ideas on paper that I’m not entirely sure will survive into the editing phase.

I managed to write half a novel in one month. It’s a prequel for an existing novel that I’m editing at the moment. What I found during this little experiment in my sanity is that it was helpful to have my nose deep in one novel and start working on another. Even if I don’t use the manuscript for anything, it gave me some backstory possibilities and a plethora of arcs I’d like to see developed. It is however, a meandering train of thought that seems to derail at every turn. This does sometimes tend lead to my favorite work though, so I’m hopeful to see where it takes me in the next month.

I’ve set a new goal in the upcoming two months. I’m setting aside my writing (other than my faithful sticky notes) and putting on my editing hat. It’s not always my favorite part of writing, but this story has kept me interested. I think I can see some potential and I know with more edits it can be a contender. With this in mind, I should have the novel’s second draft ready in a month. I really dig the sound of that. A lot.