My car has a bag in the back filled with items I might need if the apocalypse ever begins. It’s only appropriate that you have some items to get started on yours. Survival cord, first aid kit, and glow sticks will help you survive while you practice sharpshooting on splatter targets and studying up on zombies in Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide. The contest is International and runs from January 26th 12:00AM to February 10th at 7:00PM. I’ll announce the winner via the blog and Facebook so keep checking back!

Included in the giveaway:

  • Birchwood Casey Darkotic 12X18 Primal Cut Splatter Target (8 Pack)
  • 6 Inch Cyalume SnapLight Green Glow Sticks
  • Red Cross All Purpose First Aid Kit
  • Emergency Paracord Bracelet (with fire starter & compass)
  • The Zombie Survival Guide

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